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Oct 23, 2018

CLIENT INTERVIEW: Adam Keeney, CEO OF NODTHERA AND former global head of business development at Sanofi Genzyme,talks to Consilium about the challenges and opportunities of jumping from a career in big pharma to manning a small biotech company

Q. What is the appeal of working with a small biotech following a career in big pharma?

Working in Pharma provided me with a wealth of opportunities to learn our industry, both from an R&D perspective but also through a commercial, executive management and strategy lens. Leading Business Development activities at J&J, and then more recently at Sanofi Genzyme, allowed me to interact and learn from multiple functions across the value chain from drug discovery, IP and manufacturing to translational medicine, clinical development and regulatory. I have had the opportunity to work with some great teams with deep expertise and benefited from the diversity of those experiences. I now welcome the opportunity to apply those learnings to driving projects in a nimble, agile biotech company.

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